Lone Survivor: USA! USA!


USA! USA! USA! You can’t help but cheer it after watching the new Mark Whalberg flick, “Lone Survivor.” Based on a true story, “Lone Survivor” follows a group of Navy Seals who must make their way through the Afghan wilderness on a mission known as “Operation Redwing” to capture and kill a Taliban leader.

While attempting to carry out the mission, the Seals are faced with an incredibly tough decision after running into an elderly man and two young boys herding goats. Fearing the mission has been compromised, the Seals lay out the three options they have. Kill the old man and boys, tie them up and “roll the dice”, or let them go. After a heated debate they decide to let them go, figuring they have enough time while the kids and old man scale the rocky cliff to make it up the mountain safely. Unfortunately for them one of the kids they let go has some serious parkour skills and is able to scale the rocky cliff in mere minutes.

Within an hour, Taliban members surround the Seals and the carnage begins. As I’m sure you can gather from the title, the fight does not end favorably for the Seals.

If you’re going to watch the movie, I hope for your sake you’re a man. This movie bleeds testosterone. The blood, the violence, the weapons, the Apache helicopters, it’s a show of masculinity at it’s finest. This adrenalin filled movie will surely get your heart pumping, and don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural if you shed a tear during the montage in the credits that features pictures of the real-life men who gave their lives in this mission.

The directing was good, the acting was good, but the part I was most impressed with was the editing. It’s beautifully put together, especially a certain scene in which the Seals fall down a cliff while being attacked. It is so perfectly laced together that you can’t help but say, “Wow.”

I say this movie is definitely one you should see in theaters. Forget date night, grab a bunch of your guy friends and have a bro’s night, it’s the perfect movie for some testosterone driven male camaraderie.