Look Good Naked: Two is better than one


Having a partner in crime in your mission to get fit is always a good idea. For the days you’d rather lie in bed, you officially have someone responsible for dragging you out of it. One of the best qualities you can look for in your fitness partner is that you have different strengths. For example, if one of you knows your way around the weight room and the other is a cardio-enthusiast, you’ll end up getting a solid workout.

Having a partner can be about more than just going to the gym together, there are tons of workouts that can be made more fun by doing them together! Some of my favorites are the rotational twist (standing back to back and passing a medicine ball), plank taps (planking facing each other and reaching out hands to high-five), and of course the classic leg throw (one partner lies on their back and puts their feet up while the other pushes them down) because its killer for the abs!

Those are just a few, but there are guides on Pinterest that last up to 25 minutes, such as this one. Some don’t involve your partner physically, but instead they do one workout while you do another. This might not be as fun, but you might get some extra words of encouragement if your partner just finished a workout that you are now doing.

If your partner is your literal partner, trying something a little more intimate like partner yoga is a fun way to get a workout! Not to mention partner yoga is an extreme workout, check out some of these poses that you can work towards!

I found these to work for either type of pairing, especially if you’re close with your fitness pal. There’s plenty of options here, and of course there’s always the classic “do your own thing” method and just make sure that each of you makes your way to the gym. Grab a friend and get moving!