RMU announces international theme for Siblings Weekend

Get out your passports and get ready to explore the world!


Promotional graphic for Siblings Weekend.

Cameron Lewis, Guest Writer

Robert Morris University has announced that they will host their annual Siblings Weekend the weekend of February 22-24. Bringing an “international theme” to the event, the festivities will include animal shows, karate, scavenger hunts and live music.

The event is being sponsored by RMU’s Residence Hall Association, who has hosted similar family events in the past. Offering a variety of activities for students and their siblings to enjoy, the weekend is one of the biggest events of the year.

“Siblings Weekend is an exciting event to be apart of,” said Jessica Bauer, president of the RHA. “Bringing family and friends together is an important part of this university. We are expecting between 200 to 250 siblings to join us this year.”

John Locke, Director of Student Activities, believes that Siblings Weekend represents the community at RMU, with the university being close and community driven.

“The RHA does a great job at making RMU feel like a family,” said Locke. “To provide the opportunity for their siblings to experience what they experience here as students really builds the true identity of family.”

In addition to enjoying the impact the weekend has on students, Locke is excited to have his family take part in the festivities. The events will be inclusive for all ages, so having his children attend will allow his family to make memories at the campus.

“I will bring my children to the events so they can have fun and be surrounded by people who just wanna have fun and enjoy each other’s company,” said Locke.

While students and teachers may have plenty of fun, the true focus of the festivities are the siblings. Chaim Despert, a sibling of an RMU student who has attend the event in the past, gave his thoughts on what this upcoming weekend means to him and his family.

“I enjoy the siblings weekend event,” said Despert. “I get to interact with different families, as well as different cultures. It is a friendly environment, as well as fun if you consider all the activities that are available over the weekend.”

The event is available to all students, even those without siblings. Encouraging the community to join the campus “family,” the priority is to have fun as a group at RMU.

“I would recommend even non-siblings to attend,” said Despert. “It is not just about whether you are a sibling or not; it is more about joining the RMU family and being apart of something great.”

The event will cost $25, as well as an extra $10 for a Siblings Weekend shirt. Registration can be completed through OrgSync or via a link to be distributed by the Residence Hall Association.