Rune magazine seeking submissions for 2020 edition

Are you a poet? And don’t even know it?


Jonah Hoy, Contributor

MOON TOWNSHIP — Does your heart ache? Is your soul crying out to further that expression you so desperately crave?

Look no further: Rune, the RMU literary magazine, wants your submissions for this year’s issue!

Submit no more than three pieces of poetry, prose, and photographs as attachments to [email protected] no later than March 27th. Be sure to include a little bio about you as the author in your email and send your pieces as doc., docx files, or .PNG. 

Stop crying your heart out and letting it bleed on the floor:  you can put it on paper and see it in print. Makes a good resume entry, too.

Do you love someone? Parents don’t understand you? Contemplating the meaning of life? Whatever your hangup is, we want you to express it. Another person’s sadness–or joy–can be another’s art, so dry those tears, share your laughter, and get to writing. 

If your piece is selected, you may be invited to read at the Rune release party in April. 

For poetry, please don’t exceed 500 words, and for prose (fiction, non-fiction, or drama) 1000 words. Be sure to submit.  

Jonah Hoy is an editor for Rune Magazine as well as a contributor for RMU Sentry Media. This article is a press release from the organization produced by their editorial board. For those interested in sending press releases to RMU Sentry Media, please forward the release to [email protected] for consideration.