Sausage Party: A Floppy Fail


sausage party

Abigail Miller, Correspondent

On August 12, the food party started with Sausage Party hitting theaters beginning with a provocative movie poster. It was enough to get the imagination running with a sexy hot dog bun and sausage tucked up inside. At first glance, the movie title seems to suggest that it will have a plethora of sexual content, but the movie is truly about a bunch of sausages you would find in the grocery store.

Actor Seth Rogen provides the voice of Frank, the film’s leading sausage, and is also credited as one of the film’s writers, but whenever Rogen is involved, moviegoers know it is going to be filthy. Frank and the other characters are typical grocery store items that have established their own religion to shield them from the fate that awaits them. When a human god chooses them, they head to “The Great Beyond,” which ends up being not so great if you are an animate food item about to be murdered to satisfy a human’s hunger.

Frank horrifies his fellow foodies with a description of their future that is an odd mixture of a World War I battle combined with a kitchen scene straight out of a Saw movie. Frank makes it his mission for everyone in Shopwell’s Grocery to know just how horrid their so-called gods actually are. After the completely baked journey of Frank and his misses, Brenda Bunson (Kristen Wiig), they go back to the all-knowing non-perishables to discover that they have been told an even bigger lie–and a rather corny one at that. The whole store finds out that they are not real, and that they are all figments of the writers’ imagination. Quite a big blur of the fourth wall if you ask me and rather poorly executed.


This movie uses the “F” word like I use salt, on everything–even when it’s not needed. I had high expectations going in given that it mixes childish animation with an R rating. Seth Rogen has co-written and acted in a ton of hilarious movies, except this one, which just falls flat. Between the excessive vulgarity and the thin plot line, not much was left to entice a laugh. On the other hand, there were a plethora of food puns that did elicit a giggle–if puns are your cup of tea.

Adult humor movies have always been my forte. I was rolling on the floor at Ted and immensely enjoyed The Interview, but this movie just didn’t tickle my pickle. Food pun intended.