University reveals plans for solid gold Dell’Omo statue

Leah Fleischel

On this April Fool’s Day, RMU Sentry Media has learned of new plans to build a statue of Dr. Gregory Dell’Omo next to Bronze Bob.

However, bronze will simply not suffice. The statue will be entirely made of gold.

Though Dell’Omo has said he does not want anything named after him at the university following his departure, he never explicitly stated to not build a statue.

Bob has complained of being lonely on that bench, and is not joined by students as much as was initially thought.

The statue is estimated to cost $500,000, and the funds will be taken from those currently reserved to build more housing for students.


There are also rumors circulating of a platinum John Tucci statue near that location. He would be standing in a position similar to the Statue of Liberty and holding a torch.


DISCLAIMER: This story was written on April Fool’s Day in observance of the holiday. Please take that into consideration when questioning the factuality of this article.