Look Good Naked: Even when hibernating sounds better

So, it’s been cold. And I can’t think of anything that makes me want to exercise less than negative temperatures outside. Going to class is a chore in itself, which for me rules out spending as much time at the gym as I would like. Heck, it was cold enough for some of my fitness classes to be cancelled.┬áBasically, my whole week has been thrown off and I feel like a blob (plus it was my birthday and that means cupcakes and big dinners).┬áThis is why animals hibernate in the winter, eating a lot and sleeping feels good when the weather outside is frightful.

Resist the urge.

I know, week 2 and your fitness blogger is already having an off-week? Not entirely. I’ve still managed to squeeze some exercise in, even if it’s only been 10-20 minutes here and there. I shared links with you last week to my favorite ab and fat blasting videos. The majority of my work has been spent really watching what I eat for at least two out of three meals of the day. For example, Special K for breakfast and fruit or yogurt for lunch (while drinking PLENTY of water) puts you in pretty good standings for a satisfying dinner.

If you muster up the motivation to get out of bed and do even a short workout, make sure you’re getting the most out of it as humanly possible. Here are some great tips for how to maximize mini-workouts.

Besides the bitter cold, this time of the year throws yet another challenge at those of us trying to get healthy.

The Super Bowl.

Now, you can make this a cheat day OR at the end you can feel incredibly proud of yourself because you opted to be healthy. I found 15 healthier Super Bowl recipes that sound pretty delicious and doable. Some of them are as easy as baking your favorite foods instead of frying them!

This time of the year is frustrating for fitness, and quite honestly it’s why I think so many people quit their resolutions so early. Spring and summer are so much easier because not only can you run/walk in the beautiful weather, but there’s tons of fresh fruits and veggies. My favorite thing to do to push through until then though is the reward system.

Find a cute new pair of sneakers or a workout outfit you know will make you feel confident and save up for it while meeting your goals!

I like Pinterest for this. Speaking of Pinterest… don’t forget to check out my “Look Good Naked!” board I update just for this blog. Keep working everyone, a bad week isn’t as bad if you don’t let it be the thing that stops you!