Reuse Your Summer Clothes

The fact that fall is near doesn’t mean that there is a need to buy a complete new wardrobe. Summer clothes can definitely be “reuse” for this season. Because of the lack of pocket money, students can just chose to be more creative with the clothes they already have. For example, cut-off shorts can be used as layers over a good pair of tights for the fall season. To complete the look, students can wear a cute sweater and a pair of boots. This particular look is a favorite with fashion bloggers, and “hipsters”. However, anyone can make it hers by putting it together the right way. Students can even personalize this look by adding details to the shorts, such as a nice belt, or even studs. Studding kits can be purchased at a local craft store.

Summer dresses look great in the summer, but can also look perfect in the fall. Throwing a chunky cardigan or a nice blazer over a dress will make it look bohemian chic and will help stretch out students’ wardrobe. T-shirts can be worn in the fall as well. Students can just wear them with a blazer, a pair jeans and a good pair of boots. In addition, students should not be afraid to play around with their jeans. With so many choices and the jeans worn this summer, there will never be an “I have nothing to wear” moment. Jegging (jean leggings) make a great staple piece because they are light weight and are easy to wear with boots. Pairing a sheer blouse with jeggings and boots makes a great statement.


Mini-skirts are not only meant for the summer. For the beginning of fall, they can be worn with a tall pair of boots and a nice fitted jacket. When it starts to get colder, students can bring out their trusty tights to pair with the skirts. Tights come in so many colors and designs that students will never have to wear the same pair. They are not expensive, and are also a staple piece to keep in one’s closet. They can certainly be used for other seasons.

Just like with the t-shirts, tanks can be used as layering pieces. Tanks look great underneath motorcycle jackets. Wearing socks with pumps may not be for everyone, but it can definitely make a huge fashion statement. This trend works double duty by letting students still wear those cute summer shoes, but also by keeping them nice and warm. Students can find socks in different lengths to suit their taste. Faux fur speaks fall, so one should not be afraid to use it.


A nice faux fur coat will do wonders over a basic t-shirt. Hats make a huge impact on one’s wardrobe also. There are so many choices in hats. Wearing a warm knitted hat can make any outfit look cozier. Knitted chunky scarves added to thin clothing from a summer wardrobe makes the outfit look easy, and fashion forward just by adding a scarf. Light weight summer scarves can also be used in many ways. For instance, it can be tied around one’s neck or on the handle of one’s bag for a new look. The fact that summer clothes are bright in color should not stop students from using them. If they use neutral colors with these clothes, they will not be over powered. Students should also not forget about their denim jacket. They will really help their transition into fall with ease. Students need to just be creative with them. There is no harm in trying new ways to wear old clothes.