Murder suspect from California arrested in Coraopolis


Photo Credit: (Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office)

Gage Goulding, News Editor

CORAOPOLIS — A murder suspect on the run from California was arrested in Coraopolis.

The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office released in a statement that they arrested Isaiah Starns, a 19-year-old man from Bakersfield, California who was on the run.

Authorities say that Starts was wanted since Feb. 6 as a suspect in the attempted homicide. According to officials, Starns was allegedly involved in the incident that took place in California on Feb. 2.

Bakersfield Police received an emergency call at approximately 1 a.m. on Feb. 2 regarding a stabbing. Police say the victim was stabbed multiple times in the arm and leg during a large fight. The victim later died of his injuries. The incident took place following a concert the night before.

Authorities identified Starns as a possible suspect and issued a warrant for his arrest on Feb. 6. Officials in California believed that Starns may have fled to Pittsburgh, the city where his father lives.

Allegheny County Sheriff’s Deputies received the information and with the assistance of the Coraopolis Police, arrested Starns in the 400-block of Mulberry Street on Feb. 14.