Party Like It’s 1920

We glided up the escalator towards the ballroom where music and singing were heard as a welcoming sign of where the party was in the beautiful Loews Hotel. As we entered the ballroom, we walked into the 1920s and Gatsby atmosphere. The room was flooded with red, black, and white lights that bounced off of sparkling dresses and headdresses off of the students all dressed like flappers and gentlemen of the 20s. I was sticking out among the rest of the party in my jeans and sweater, so I didn’t get into too many pictures. In front of us on the dance floor, they all danced around to the old fashioned music mixed with today’s favorites.

The ends of the room caught my attention the most, where long tables that laid out all of Philly’s classics were screaming my name. From the huge tray of Italian hoagies, make your own cheesesteaks, and the crowd pleaser pretzels from the Philadelphia Pretzel Factory. Thin vases stood tall with fluffy feathers pouring out on top of standing tables that students hovered around. We mingled with students from all over the country. Luke Crawford, from Chicago was telling us about his upcoming regional conference in March and all that it had to offer. His eyes lit up as he described his aspirations in public relations and not sparing any detail of his passions for his prospective career.

As he walked away, I thought about my hopes for a career in public relations and how to make them possible. It’s just our first night here, and I’m already networking and thinking about my goals to try to become the best version of myself in the professional world. I feel so fortunate to be able to attend this conference to hear all about the advice, and first hand experience that the presenters have to offer to help us succeed.