Pro-life activist Ryan Bomberger speaks at RMU


Megan Frey

Pro-life speaker Ryan Bomberger spoke to an audience in Hopwood Hall at Robert Morris University.

Soundharjya Babu, Contributor

MOON TOWNSHIP — Pro-life activist Ryan Bomberger came to speak at Robert Morris University.

Students for Life hosted “The Social Injustice of Abortion” featuring political columnist and commentator Ryan Bomberger, founder of The Radiance Foundation.

Sued by the NAACP and denounced by Planned Parenthood, Bomberger voiced his strong opinions to students on Feb. 7.

The Radiance Foundation , created in 2009, is a non-profit pro-life campaign. Through this campaign, Bomberger has voiced his concerns with abortion practices and how they affect minority communities.

Students for Life president Selene Cerankosky, a Robert Morris University sophomore, discusses Bomberger’s impact in the pro-life community.

“We picked Ryan because he had a unique identity, a unique story he could bring to the table in terms of how Planned Parenthood targets the minority population, their origins and their original intentions,” said Cerankosky.

Conceived after his biological mother was raped, and later adopted into a Christian family of fifteen, Bomberger is passionate about protecting the “unwanted,” especially the 1 percent conceived from rape.

He questions Planned Parenthood’s motivations, denouncing the claim that abortions help victims of rape.

“But what are (Planned Parenthood) doing about those who are truly victims?” Bomberger asks. “When you look at their website for the past 15 years, there were no resources for those who experienced rape … they commit the abortion and put the young girl back into the dangerous situation, because (to them) abortion is more important to protect than the actual victim.”

As a self-proclaimed “factivist,” Bomberger emphasizes the power of putting ideas into context. According to Bomberger, factual information, rather than emotional activism, is the best way to get the message across.

“I’m a factivist,” he said. “I’m passionate about putting things into context, because when things are in context, we have clarity.”

Bomberger explores the high abortion rates in the African-American community during his presentation. The presentation also included examples of billboard campaigns, including the controversial and impactful Too Many Aborted campaigns, leading to him getting sued by the NAACP.
Pro-life activist Ryan Bomberger speaks at RMU
He noted that although the poverty rates for the Hispanic population was higher than the African-American population, more African-American babies were being aborted and targeted.

For Students For Life member Victoria Yeany, his strong pro-life stance related to her views.

“In my mind, it’s similar to murder, essentially,” said Yeany. “The solution to poverty and not being able to take care of children isn’t abortion. There are other ways we can help.”

For other students, Bomberger’s views on the topic of race relations and abortion do not match up.

“Saying that (abortion) is targeted at the black community is a very powerful and racially charged statement which has degrading effects to it,” said Simon Frey, a Robert Morris University freshman. “Abortion is and should always remain legal, if people don’t want to have a child, it is their own prerogative and should be treated as such.”

With both agreement and disagreement to his opinions, Bomberger continues to denounce Planned Parenthood’s pro choice stance.

“(Planned Parenthood) kills hundreds and thousands of black babies, white babies and everything in between,” he said.

For more information on his campaign, visit The Radiance Foundation and the Too Many Aborted website.