Session 2
October 26, 2013
1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

After we grabbed a quick bite for lunch, we headed to the Congress Room on the Fourth Floor for our first Professional Development Workshop: F.A.M.E PR, with the ever so wonderful Nicole Garner. Nicole is the CEO of The Garner Circle and has worked in the areas of Fashion/Beauty, Arts, Music, and Entertainment public relations. From a girl who attended conferences just like us to a woman who owns a PR agency, Nicole is truly an inspiration.

She started off talking about publicity which “is the front of the magazine and promotion is the back.” Social media is a huge part of publicity in this generation and before we graduate, we must understand all platforms.

A Blogger/Media Preview Event helps publicize while using social media. It creates a buzz and anticipation, which is what every good publicist wants. When you post pictures on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook, your audience wants to see more. And when they want to see more, they create an interest in your product or company. People see pictures of an event and they want to be there, if they want to be there, they talk about it…creating a buzz.

Nicole talked about each area she covers within her company (Fashion, Art, Music, and Entertainment), but the area that caught my attention the most was entertainment. In all areas press releases are highly important, but the Entertainment PR gives out the extra information. This is very compelling to the readers because they feel as if they’re getting an inside scoop.

Another tip Nicole gave us was placement on the red carpet. The photographers go first, then the video crews, then the writers/bloggers. They do this to keep the movement of the red carpet flowing. It also takes a little bit of the stress off of the producer of the event.

Nicole had a lot of great tips for us and was very relatable. She was an awesome speaker and definitely inspired me to work hard and show my passion.

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