Be an Explorer of your Passions

How do you know when you’re passionate about something? By how much time you spend on it? By telling other people about it? These are all questions I had going into the Passion presentation by Geno Church. His unique name matched his image perfectly as he stood before us with his style that was very put together with a hipster aura. I couldn’t stop staring at his hair. His silver locks stood straight up on his head and with that hairstyle you couldn’t help but listen and watch. For his presentation, he went through what his organization does with a very unique slideshow that had design effects that made you pay attention. His organization is called Brains on Fire where they strive to “help organizations ignite powerful, sustainable word of mouth movements”.

Geno Church went into what he is passionate about while also sharing some of his personal life that showed how it later lead to his career. Most of his passions came from the case studies that his company has done. One of them is ‘Love 143’. This case study was about how a man wanted to stop child sex trafficking and what steps he needed to take with Geno’s company to achieve that. Geno and his team created a marketing plan in order for people to gain knowledge and awareness of this terrible event that occurs in many areas of the world. He said, “ a movement is not a spasm of passion,” this means that in order for something to stay in people’s minds it needs to last. ‘Brains on fire’ exemplifies this and continues to with each case study that has been presented to them. This presentation taught us all that no matter what it is make sure you have a passion in your life or nothing in life will be meaningful.