Event Planning: From Concept to Completion


The event-planning seminar seemed to have a lot of people’s attention. All the set seats were filled and there were many people sitting between the aisles on the floor just so they could hear all about the process of event planning. Scott Mirkin from ESM Productions was our presenter for the session. He had a lot of practical skills and knowledge about the industry to share with all who attended.

At the beginning of the session Scott said that he would treat us as though we were his business associates and he was pitching his company to us. I imagined that this is what he would do just for the initial stages of the session in order to give us some background to his work; but this was literally the whole presentation. I mean, it was good; it just wasn’t what I expected.

Although the session wasn’t what I expected, I think that this could be because I initially wasn’t aware of all the components that went towards event planning. Mirkin went into a lot of detail about manually sketching, computer generating and finalizing stage settings for events. There was a large emphasis on sketching to ‘scale’ and other manual, mathematical components that are involved in event planning. Whilst sitting in on the session, I realized that that particular side of event planning isn’t for me. It seemed as though some architecture skills are required in this field, which has tuned me off the idea of event planning. I am glad that I went to the session and discovered that is not the right path for me; otherwise the idea of event planning might still be in my head as something that I wanted to pursue.