The highlight of the day for me was the Fame PR session conducted by; Nicole Garner who is the PR specialist at her firm ‘The Garner Circle.’ Her expertise covers ranges from fashion PR practice, to Entertainment, to Event Marketing, to lifestyle and sports PR. She was very knowledgeable about all these fields and more, but in her presentation she looked specifically at fashion, entertainment, music and the arts.

Garner encouraged tweeting during her lesson and before she officially commenced her session she set a little task for us all. She asked us all to write our elevator speech in one-minute as a tweet; then to hashtag #areyouininc? Which is the title of her newly published novel. She wanted us to do this so that she could get a feel for the people who were interested in her session. She also encouraged us to tweet generally throughout her session; the person who caught her attention won a copy of her novel ‘Are You In Inc: PR’s Alter Ego.’

I got a lot of practical information about how to run a red carpet event; start with the photographers first for some quick snaps, and then have the celebrities move on to the area where journalists can conduct short interviews, and at the end of the line other journalists and reporters can conduct longer interviews. Garner also went into detail about where certain people should sit when planning a fashion catwalk event, and other useful information about the proper precautions to take in the world of fame PR practice.

Due to the fact that this was such a broad topic that covered many different PR genres; all the seats were completely full, there were even some people that were so keen to be a part of the session that they were sitting on the floor. It was definitely a very beneficial session to have attended, and I am so glad that I did.