FAME: Fashion, Art, Music and Entertainment Public Relations

As soon as I read the description, I knew I had to attend FAME PR. This session was led by Nicole Garner, owner of The Garner Circle. The Garner Circle is a boutique Public Relations firm based in Atlanta with offices in New York and Los Angeles. They specialize in fashion, art, music, and entertainment. Out of all the sessions I have gone to thus far, this one has been the most valuable to me. Nicole packed an enormous amount of priceless information into this session.

One of the first topics she talked about was the relationship between bloggers and product placement. Often times, companies will send influential bloggers their new products to try before they are released. This typically happens a lot in the beauty industry. Once the bloggers receive the products, they can use them and then share their opinions about the products on their blog, Youtube, or other social media platforms. I regularly follow certain beauty bloggers and I trust their opinions. If they rave about a new foundation, I am more likely to purchase it because I’ve seen the swatches on their blog and listened to their review on Youtube.  Hearing her talk about blogging within the fashion and beauty industry inspired me to resurrect my fashion and beauty blog I started last winter.

She spent the rest of her session talking about the different types of events to the do’s and don’ts of the Red Carpet. This session was definitely a favorite of mine. I can remember the first time I ever watched The Hills on MTV. I remember watching Lauren Conrad work the red carpet at Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood Party. It was from then on I knew I wanted to someday work within the realm of event planning and celebrities. Hearing Garner talk took me back to watching that for the first time. I felt that sense of excitement and determination swell inside of my heart.

After the session I took the opportunity to talk one on one with Ms. Garner. She graciously answered my questions and offered me advice on how to get started within the world of beauty public relations. I passed her my business card and thanked her for her time. If it were up to me, this surely won’t be the last time our paths cross.