FAME PR & The Garner Circle

Runways and red carpet scenes are plastered all over today’s media and a leading contributor to upcoming trends in society. But did you know that there is an entire system of how each event is set up? Neither did I until this session with Nicole Garner from The Garner Circle. The Garner Circle is a public relations agency that she started that now has many well-known clients and locations. In this very informative session she broke down everything we needed to know about events from each industry of fashion, art, music, and entertainment, which made up the F.A.M.E presentation for my second session.

Over all of the sessions I went to during this conference, this particular session was the most informative about public relations on how to use your strengths in a career in all aspects of helping and representing others. The medium sized conference room was a lot smaller then the ballroom we were gathered in for the welcoming presentation but felt like it was the same amount of people. All packed into the room and overflowing with students, we listened and hung on to every word she said. As soon as her presentation started, she had us all take out our smartphones and tweet an elevator pitch about our aspirations in public relations and only a minute to do so. The winner of this challenge received a copy of her new book, “Are You IN? Inc.” For those who don’t know what an elevator pitch is, it’s everything that sets you apart from others and what you bring to the table in the time it takes to get to a floor in an elevator. This activity really got me wondering what I had to set myself apart, what is special about me that a prospective employer would care about in thirty seconds? I hope I can answer that by the time I leave the conference.

After the session was over I was able to talk to her and ask a few questions about how she got started and how I can get my foot in the door to the entertainment industry. I was very impressed on how she took the time after the long session to still stay and answer questions that students waited in line to hear her advice. With each student, she introduced herself and learned their names and truly listened to what they had to say. That showed to me how passionate she is with her career and how she conveys it to others. I was extremely happy with how the session went and the amount of information that she gave us about each industry. So far I love the conference and can’t wait for what the other sessions have to offer!