From Concept to Completion: Event Planning

Session 4
October 26, 2013
4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Scott Mirkin, President of ESM Productions, gave us an insider view to Event Planning. I was really excited for this session because Event Planning is ultimately what I want to do.

Scott stated “producers take dollars and turn them into the desired result.” Production includes three main points: events, media, and live streaming/webcasts/broadcast. Without these three points planning an event can’t happen. He focused on how to handle a live event production because those are mainly the events he deals with. You must first understand your vision, then do the design and the budgeting, you must have a concept of your presentation and also proof of your concept.

Even though Scott deals mainly with live events, he realizes that all events are important no matter the size of the event. He has learned that some people want to spend more money to make it look like they spent less money.

He also gave us some tips for getting into the Event Planning business, which I really appreciated. He stated that internships are important, as long as they are with the right organizations. You need to show the supervisor that you are dependable. When dealing with a client, you need to make sure you are always seeing completely eye to eye with them. Also – manage your budget! Every little piece can add up.

Scott has done some really great events and everyone should go check him out!

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