From Concept to Completion: Event Planning

For our last speaker of the day we had Scott Mirkin from ESM Productions speak to us about the plan and execution of an event. Well that was what we were expecting. At first we were hearing all about the events that he and his team had put together in the past and the type of clients they take on for the events. These included the ‘LIVE’ performance by Jay Z, Made in America concert, Obama for America, and the 125th anniversary of Carnegie Hall. We loved hearing about the events that they have planned and put on but unfortunately that was the entire presentation. As students we love to hear all about people’s careers and where they started but for an hour and a half I wasn’t too thrilled. I was expecting almost a how to plan an event instead of a pitch to us about their business.

Although I, and many of my classmates, were a bit disappointed in the content, the presentation itself was very interesting. This may be contradicting what I said earlier, but the events that ESM Productions were memorable and extravagant events. It was an instruction on how they put together events, which was interesting. His business builds majority of the floats, stages, and many other structures for all of their events. From blueprints to major construction they do many of their events on government property so it has easy access for the general public and their audience. This presentation was impressive and informative but not with the information that I had expected.