Planning events and my career

Session 4: From Concept to Completion: Event Planning
Saturday, October 26, 2013

This being the last session of the day I was so eager to get to my seat. Event planning is the career I would like to take on in the world; I feel that it describes myself extremely well through the planning, organization, scheduling, and people skills one must contain in order to be successful.

I could not wait for Scott Mirkin to begin speaking. The room ran out of chairs for students to fill quickly, and PRSSA members popped a squat on the floor. My friends and I, however, got front row seats. There was no way I was missing this for the world.

Once Mirkin began to speak of his events company, ESM Production, the room silenced. He went on and on about what events and clients his company has had such as Jay-Z. There was a small amount of advice given in the session of how once should go about event planning, what qualities help one succeed in event planning, and where one should start in event planning.

Mirkin did mention that students should be doing internships in order to gain experience because experience is everything in this realm. Also he said that in order for an event to go smoothly, one must see eye to eye with the client. The vision must be the exact same for both parties so the event has a chance for success. Lastly, Mirkin said it is always important to find people who can “bring real resources to the table.” This means if one were to rent a ballroom for a banquet to make sure the house sound system can be used for speeches, or the disco ball is available for the dance floor, or if tables are accessible the night of the event, and so on.

The event planning session was not exactly what I expected, but I did gain a few key notes from Mirkin. His experience in the even planning field is valid, and I am still dreaming of this as my career.