Success in different forms

Career Development Exhibition
Monday, October 28, 2013

Agencies, corporations, and education institutions from around America gathered in one room for over 1,100 PRSSA members to speak to. Walking in there with some ideas of which companies to go up to, it was a terrifyingly exciting experience.

The company that left the biggest impression on me was The Garner Circle. CEO of The Garner Circle Nicole Garner had a long and winding line of perspective students. Once it was finally my turn to introduce myself, my hands were shaking. Garner’s confidence can be sensed a mile away, and here I am shaking while meeting her face-to-face. After conversing for a few moments, she asked Tori Della Valle and I to take a photo together holding her book in our hands that we just purchased. This was such a stimulating time. As if that wasn’t enough, she then asked us to record our thoughts of her session we attended. Talk about pressure. All went well, and Tori and I were like little kids in a toy store. The Book we purchased, Are You In? Inc., was amazingly signed by Nicole Garner.

We also spoke to other organizations such as Taylor and Tengrade. Learning about the numerous organizations at this exhibition was enlightening. To actually see the amount of organizations there focused on public relations was surprising. At Robert Morris University’s Career Expo public relations doesn’t seem to be a popular option. Most of those companies present at the Career Expo are focused on finance, science, or other majors that a communication major is not excited about.

Overall, the Career Development Exhibition was a really positive experience. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet and converse with successful people who are in careers I dream of.