Warner Brothers

It’s the very last session of the conference and my eyelids are falling and my feet are aching from the poor decision of wearing five-inch heels all day. As I drag myself into the conference room, a wall of people trying to find a seat greets me at the doorway. I guess coming fifteen minutes early is a bit too late. I aimlessly wonder around the room looking for a seat like a lost kid looking for her mom in a busy mall. Finally, I find a seat. Others were not so lucky and had to sit on the floor, which was a common occurrence in the sessions this weekend. I was handed a piece of paper with the letters ‘WB’ and was told to hang on to it until the end.
I’ve known since my first semester that public relations was my calling and my strength, but never really knew what exactly I wanted to do with that profession, until I heard the life of entertainment publicity. Hanging onto every word they were saying, I fell more and more in love with their lifestyle and Tammy’s shoes. All three of the speakers were dressed amazingly from head to toe in designer clothes that they wore with such elegance. Along with the physical glamour of the speakers, their jobs reflected it the most. Being with celebrities on a daily basis, press conferences, and my favorite event they attend, Comic Con. The best part of the whole discussion was how the internship they offer to students, get to do the same thing; my heart stopped. This life they so casually talked about was only one that I could ever hope for in a dream.
When I was done drooling over them and they finished their presentation, I waited for two hours to talk to Tammy, the Senior Vice President for Warner Brothers television. As I fought off people trying to cut me in line, without actually fighting or saying anything at all, I finally was able to talk to her about my dream job, hers. She gave me her business card and told me to keep in touch! I was grinning from ear to ear with excitement and had visions of Hollywood hills in my head.
Although I’m sad that the conference was over, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my amazing time here in Philadelphia then my last session.