Look Good Naked: It’s the little things


As February rounds the corner and spring break is just weeks away, some of us on a mission to look good naked (or at least in our swimsuit) may be feeling crunched for time. Last week I told you what NOT to do in terms of cleanses and fad diets, so this week I’m going to give you a few incredibly small things that might help tip the scale in a positive direction for you!

My first suggestion? Sleep. As crazy as my day might be from the time my feet hit the floor until I finally sit down 12+ hours later, I always make sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep (and if I don’t I’m a big proponent of the nap). As it turns out, that’s great for weight loss!

Sleeping more helps prevent overeating by keeping your levels of leptin (which is the hormone that allows you to realize you’re full) and ghrelin (which stimulates your appetite) nice and balanced. Also, sleep reduces stress which is a big contributor to belly fat. As crazy as it might sound, adequate amounts of sleep helps to suppress what are called “fat genes”.

Another little trick is to focus on where you eat. Yes, the location of where you’re eating food can have an impact on weight gain! Avoid snacking while idly standing in front of your fridge, these are calories that are forgotten in the daily count and can really add up. Eating in public also makes you more aware of how much you’re eating, so grab a meal with a friend once or twice a day! Finally, do not eat while you work on homework. One second you have a box of Cheez-Its, and the next you have a completely empty box.

(Psst, drinking water before meals makes a big difference in making sure you don’t overeat!)

If you’re too busy for the gym some days, try counting steps! Being conscious of how much you move throughout the day is really helpful. You might feel like walking to class is enough, but choosing to run that extra errand may be just the boost you need. Every time you take the steps over the elevator it helps too!

Finally, be consistent. I talked about the dangers of going to extremes last week, but it is also incredibly ineffective. If you’re serious about weight-loss, I recently read something here that is a great mantra to have. Three miles or thirty minutes a day. The three miles can come from walking or running, and the thirty minutes could be anything from yoga to a fitness class. If you dedicate just 1/48 of your day to being active, you are on your way to a healthier lifestyle!

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Tune in next week as I tackle something that I have wanted to master and yet have struggled with for all too long: running.