Be you and be true

Session 3: CEO of You: Creating Your Own Personal Brand
Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jason Mollica is the President of JRMComm, but it didn’t start that way for him. His career began in TV and radio, and it morphed into what it is now: public relations and social media marketing.

I was mostly motivated in this session through Mollica’s words. His session was titled CEO of You: Creating Your Own Personal Brand and it couldn’t have been more inspiring. Mollica preached about how vital it is to pay attention to what you put online for the rest of the world to see because that is your brand. What you put online, is how people will recognize you. He stressed majorly that every individual is the boss of his or her own brand; it is 100% in the hands of the blogger, social networker, etc. to create his or her own image online.

There is a key to creating your own brand; however, it deals with the characteristics of building credibility and being trustworthy. Without either of those, there is no positive reputation.

“It takes years to build and seconds to destroy,” Mollica said while speaking of building a positive reputation and brand for oneself. This quote really hit home to me; the accuracy of this phrase is electrifying. Individuals and organizations do specific things to be recognized for optimistic reviews. In order for individuals or organizations to be considered highly of consumers, it takes time and patience along with doing no wrong. However, once the slightest mishap occurs it is all over the news, social networks, and the talk of the town. This small mishap can puncture any good reputation, which is why it is so vital to pay 110% to what is being posted online. You hold the mouse; you are the boss. Be smart, and be in control of your own brand.