Session 2: F.A.M.E. PR
Saturday, October 26, 2013

The second session I attended was the most interactive one of the entire day. The speaker named Nicole Garner who is the CEO of The Garner Circle LLC asked countless questions during her one-hour session. Eager to respond, the audience’s hands were constantly in the air. The session seemed to fly by.

Garner has had plenty of experience in multiple fields. Prior to Garner’s current position, she worked for organizations such as Miller, ADIDAS, Xbox, Porsche and more. Garner is viewed as an expert on Fashion, Arts, Music, and Entertainment (F.A.M.E.) public relations. She spoke on each of these topics, but certain ones stuck with me.

The first area spoke about was Fashion PR. At the very beginning of this topic Garner said, “The key to any campaign is understanding your audience.” This means finding the correct messages to deliver through the correct channels to the correct target audiences. Processing these tasks are not as simple as them seem, but when successful the campaign moves forward. Another note Garner made about campaigns is that the most successful ones have deeper and meaningful connections to the target audiences. The example she used was Naomi Campbell and a clothing line to support Hurricane Katrina. Therefore, Garner gave a few tips on how one should go about Fashion PR.

Moving along, the next area Garner spoke of that kept me glued to my seat was Entertainment PR. She mentioned plenty about the red carpet and how to best set up the event. She gave examples of how the red carpet should be laid out: photographers first, video crews next, followed by bloggers and writers. This is a strategy to keep the fast paced purposes towards the front and keep the flow of red carpet attendees moving.

All in all, Nicole Garner made a massive impression on me. She taught me certain aspects of things I had no prior interest or knowledge on. Although she did not make me want to become a practitioner for fashion, art, music, or entertainment, she gave me a good overview of what those specific industries are.

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