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Humans of RMU – The Esports Coach

Garret Roberts, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 3, 2020

MOON TOWNSHIP -- When you think of Robert Morris University's North Athletic Complex, there are plenty of ways for athletes to train. Treadmills and weights line the walls of the building and offer plenty...

Humans of RMU: The painter.

Humans of RMU: The painter

Maura Linehan March 26, 2019

Painting demands attention to detail from the artist. It takes a special eye and a love for the process to create original artwork. As an avid painter, Cindy Paul, a part-time faculty member in social...

Humans of RMU: The Swimmer Photo credit: Tori Flick

Humans of RMU: The swimmer

Maura Linehan February 28, 2019

Imagine returning to the halls of your high school and still being remembered for accomplishing a record that no one else had matched. Remarkably, Samantha Monda, Ph.D. and RMU Associate Professor of Psychology,...

The Underwater Hockey Player.

Humans of RMU: The underwater hockey player

Maura Linehan November 29, 2018

When RMU Associate Professor of Psychology David Wheeler was a junior at the California Institute of Technology, he had no idea that his interest in swimming underwater would lead him to discover a sport...

Humans of RMU: The horror fanatic

Maura Linehan, Arts and Entertainment Manager October 31, 2018
Read the inside story on horror from Ray Zaperoni, a long time enthusiast of the genre of fear.
Humans of RMU: The Guitar Player

Humans of RMU: The Guitar Player

Maura Linehan September 25, 2018

When he heard the distinctive guitar line of the “The Munsters’” theme song, Joe Hale, RMU Academic Media Center’s TV engineer, decided that he loved the sound of the electric guitar. The feeling...

Humans of RMU: The psychology professor

Humans of RMU: The psychology professor

Maura Linehan April 19, 2018

Understanding one’s self — who you are and why you are — can be a complicated process. In fact, knowing why you are programmed to do certain things can help you gain insight into who...

Humans of RMU: The WLMP director

Humans of RMU: The WLMP director

Maura Linehan March 28, 2018

In 1987, the United States declared March as Women’s History Month. According to womenshistorymonth.gov, it recognizes the contributions of women to the nation. Over four years ago, Lauren Rauscher,...

Humans of RMU: The poison author

Humans of RMU: The poison author

Maura Linehan January 25, 2018

For many, the iconic animated films of their childhood provide warm memories of growing up. Taking a closer look at the story lines, viewers may not remember how many times someone gets poisoned as part...

Humans of RMU: The sculptor

Humans of RMU: The sculptor

Maura Linehan October 20, 2017

Awards — whether they bring international celebrity or simply recognize a good deed — typically come with a statue or plaque to commemorate the occasion. What might not be so obvious is that someone...

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